sábado, 27 de septiembre de 2014

When september ends...Ken Heyman

As Shakespeare said "to be or not to be" I would say " to write or not to write".

Last months I was trying to get away from all our daily troubles. Somehow a friend of mine made me realize that this place, forgotten, used to be my place to scape. So here I am again, waking up from a long long year. And as you can see, what I have decided is to write.

Ken’s collection is hard proof that despite backgrounds, cultures, and skin colors, a mother’s love and the bond between her and her children remains the same.

That is the best way to explain Ken Heyman's  "Mothers". This collection of photographs taken in over 60 countries by this awarded photographer are a little hole from where you can almost feel the tenderness and love behind motherhood.

Welcome back